Qomo, a global technology products manufacturer , have been making user-friendly technology for over a decade. Technology that helps you teach, communicate and collaborate more easily and more effectively than you ever thought possible. We will provide you the simplest, most understandable solution that helps you enjoy what you do. Qomo manages and administers sales, marketing, distribution, quality control, product development, products support and customer service. Qomo offers a full line of presentation products and a complete integrated classroom solution.

Qomo sells through a dedicated network of professional integrators and dealers. Meanwhile, we partner with experienced and professionally trained distributors on different countries. Qomo distributors are equipped with the right knowledge and expertise to handle all of your presentation and integration needs with great care and professionalism.

The name Qomo is derived from Qomolangma, the Tibetan name for Mount Everest, the highest place on earth.

Company Profile

Address:Internet of Things Industry Innovation and Development Center,Mawei District, Fuzhou, China
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