Qomo has moved to Mawei,Fuzhou city!

Date: 2019-12-18
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On December 13, 2019, Qomo(Fuzhou) Electronics Co.,Ltd. has officially moved into the Fuzhou Internet of Things Industry Innovation and Development Center in Mawei District, Fuzhou.Based on a new starting point, create new glories, we are honored to invite the Chief of Mawei District, Fuzhou IoT Industrial Park leaders to witness the historical moment.

William,the founder & CEO of QOMO,gives a brief speech,expressing a warm welcome and sincere thanks to the guest leaders and all Qomo members.

“Qomo will further create a value platform for all the members in Qomo, and take scientific and technological innovation as its responsibility, so that people with a spirit of struggle can realize their personal and social values. In future, Qomo will continue to write a new chapter in the interactive education market with you!”William says.

2019 is a year for the vigorous development of Qomo.In future,Qomo will enter a more brilliant chapter in development, adhering to the company's mission and development philosophy.And continue to move forward to better serve customers.

Qomo has moved to Mawei,Fuzhou city!

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